1. Aims and Objective

To act in the best interests of and, where appropriate, represent the Members of the Association.

In particular but without limiting the general ambit of the above Clause in relation to the design manufacture and installation of movement joints to:

(a)    Foster research and technical development.
(b)    Maintain and improve standards of design manufacture and installation, and;
(c)    To co-operate with Government Departments, Public Authorities and others who are, or may be, concerned with the formation and/or maintenance of standards relating thereto.
Further, to collect such statistics and information as may be of benefit and relevant to the interests of the Association.

Provided that in furthering the objects of the Association as set out above neither Members nor the Association shall be required or recommended to observe any restriction, act or practice which would, or might make, this Association registrable under the Restrictive Trades Practices Act, the Competition Act 1998 and other relevant legislation.

2. Membership
Categories of Membership
There shall be two classes of Members namely:

Full Members who shall be confined to companies, firms or persons directly involved in the manufacture and/or installation of Movement Joints.

Associate Members who shall be companies, firms, persons or organisations who or which have demonstrated an interest in the aims and objects of the Association. Associate Members may be invited to attend any meetings of the Association, including the Annual General Meeting and other General Meetings, but shall not be entitled to vote at such meetings.

In the event of the Chairman deciding that any meeting, or part thereof, of the Association shall be restricted to Full Members only, then Associate Members may be excluded from that meeting or any portion thereof.

Honorary Associate Membership may be offered by the Committee if considered appropriate.

Election of Members
Full Members and Associate Members shall be elected on either:

(a)    A majority resolution of the Committee of the Association or;
(b)    The passing of a resolution to that effect at a General Meeting of the Association.

Termination of Membership
In the event of the Committee of the Association passing a resolution to the effect that in its opinion any Member has:

(a)    Ceased for a period of not less than one year to be actively engaged in the promotion, manufacture and/or installation of Movement Joints;
(b)    Failed to comply with or observe the regulations or rules of the Association for the time being in force;
(c)    Failed to pay monies due to the Association for a period in excess of 13 weeks or;
(d)    Acted in a manner which is not in the best interests of the Association, then the Member shall be suspended from Membership.

The Secretary to the Association shall forthwith give notice to the Member of the terms of the Committee's resolution and the Member shall within 28 days thereof be entitled to request in writing that the question of his Membership be referred to the next General Meeting of the Association. The Member shall be entitled to submit written representations for consideration at that Meeting" or to attend and make such representations as he may consider appropriate. In the event of the Member failing to request such a reference then his Membership shall cease on the expiration of the said period of 28 days.

A Member may resign from the Association by giving written notice to the Secretary.

Termination of Membership by any means shall not relieve the Member of any financial liability to, or on behalf of, the Association which may have accrued during the period of his Membership, with the exception of any period during which he was suspended in accordance with the provisions set out above.

3. Management
Management of the Association shall be at the direction of the Members assembled in the General Meeting (subject to the powers vested in them at such General Meetings) by the Committee of the Association which shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and such other additional Members as the Association may from time to time appoint.

All appointments of Officers and Committee Members shall be for an Association Year which shall be the period between successive Annual General Meetings. The appointment of Officers or Committee Members shall take effect as from the conclusion of each Annual General Meeting. In the event of an Officer or Committee Member dying or resigning, and in the event of a Committee Member ceasing to be a Member of the Association or being suspended as a Member, then the Committee shall have power to co-opt a Member to act as a replacement until the Annual General Meeting next following that event.

Committee Members shall be appointed from Full Members or appointed representatives of firms or companies which are Full Members. Only one Committee Member may be appointed from representatives of one firm or company save that two such representatives may be Committee Members in the event of one of them filling the post of either Secretary or Treasurer.

Rules and Regulations
The Committee shall from time to time in pursuance of its duties prepare such Draft Rules and Regulations or amendments to the Constitution regarding the Management of the Association or conduct of its Members as it considers appropriate and submit these to a General Meeting for approval.

Such approval shall be signified by the passing of a resolution to that effect at a General Meeting provided that:

(a)    A copy of any such Draft Rules and Regulations shall have been forwarded to the Members with the Notice of the Meeting.
(b)    That in respect of any proposal which alters the object of the Association this shall only be passed on the basis of a two-third majority.

Any proposals from Members relating to similar matters shall be subject to the same provisos as set out above.

4. Meetings
The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of April in each year.

Additional General Meetings of the Association shall be held:

(a)    At the request of the Chairman and;
(b)    As soon as practicable on the written request for such a meeting being submitted to the Secretary by any two Members. In such a case the Secretary shall use his best endeavours to call such a General Meeting within 40 days of the receipt of the request.

A General Meeting shall require the physical presence of at least one-third of the Membership or their representatives and no resolution shall be submitted unless those present and voting together with those represented by proxy shall amount to not less than 50% of the Members entitled to vote. Each Member shall have one vote and being a firm or company shall appoint either a Director or Senior Executive to represent its views and to vote on its behalf by proxy provided that any Member may appoint any other Member of the Association to attend at any General Meeting on its behalf and to act as its proxy.

28 clear days notice in writing shall be given to Members of all General Meetings and such notice shall be accompanied by an Agenda.

Committee Meetings shall be held as required and a quorum shall consist of at least four Committee Members.

5. Finance
Each Full Member shall pay an enrolment fee together with the annual membership fee, both of which sums shall, for the ensuing year, be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Suitable fees for Associate Members will also be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

Upon the Committee or the Association resolving to expend additional monies in relation to any project falling within the objectives of the Association, but as a result of which the annual anticipated income of the Association from enrolment and membership fees will in that, or any subsequent year, be exceeded, then each Member of the Association shall pay such sum or sums as may be determined at a General Meeting into the Association funds.

In the event of the Association being unable to meet its liabilities then the Full Members shall be equally responsible for the debts of the

6.    Accounts
The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping proper books of accounts as to monies received by, and expended on behalf of the Association, keeping all necessary receipts, detail and information as to the property, credits, liabilities and assets of the Association.

All books of accounts of the Association shall be available for inspection by Members at the Annual General Meeting.

The Accounts of the Association shall be audited for the period ending on 31st January in each year and such accounts shall be presented for approval to the Annual General Meeting to be held in the following April.

7.    Dissolution of the Association
The Association shall be dissolved upon a resolution to that effect at a General Meeting. In the event of such dissolution the Treasurer for the time being shall, with the Assistance of the Auditor, discharge all liabilities and subject thereto shall divide any balance standing to the credit of the Association amongst the Full Members for the time being on the understanding that, in relation to a Member who has not been a Full Member for a period in excess of six months, the distribution shall not exceed one-half of the membership fee paid by that Full Member at the time of his becoming a Member. Subject as aforesaid, any surplus funds shall be distributed equally between the Full Members for the time being.