The Bridge Joint Association

About the association...

The Bridge Joint Association members are the leading specialist UK manufacturers and installers of bridge expansion joints whose principal aim is to raise standards within the industry.

The effectiveness of bridge expansion joints is very significant in the life expectancy of bridges.

Recognition of the need for high standards of waterproofing to prevent the ingress of water and road de-icing salts into bridge structures has focused attention on the importance of bridge joints.

Reasons to choose our members?

  • National Highways (Formerly Highways England) registered products.
  • Fully trained & experienced installation crews.
  • Carefully selected and approved by the Bridge Joint Association.

Unsure about what you are looking for?


Members of the Bridge Joint Association are vetted professionals that have achieved high standards of compliance, practice and track record and should be recognized as such.


The durability of bridges is dependent on the effectiveness of the bridge deck waterproofing and the movement joints.


Bridge Expansion Joints are separated into different categories depending on the technicalities behind the joint and how it functions.

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John Jermy - Secretary

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Phone Number: +44 (0) 1246 555620

Address: Secretary, Bridge Joint Association, 23 Lichfield Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 3EZ

All images throughout this website was kindly provided by the members of the association.

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